Everything, except sin, is sacred
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Our common home:

The planet does not only belong
to people who destroy, pollute
and monopolise it and its
resources but it belongs to all of
us, it is our common home.

It is a home for human beings,
animals, birds, fish, flowers,
grasses, trees, seas, mountains,
valleys etc.  It is all a gift from
God.  It is full of beauty and

Our response is one of
wonderment, praise and thanks to
the creator.  There is an urgent
need to protect this gift from the
wanton destruction which has
come to it through human activity
in recent times.
Everything, except sin, is

For in him all things were created:
things in heaven and on earth,
visible and invisible, whether
thrones or powers or rulers or
authorities; all things have been
created through him and for him
(Col 1:16).  

From the beginning until now, the
entire creation has been groaning
in one great act of giving birth, and
not only creation, but all of us who
possess the first fruits of the Spirit,
we also groan inwardly, as we wait
for our bodies to be set free
(Romans 8:22-23).

The plan of the fullness of times is
to bring all things together
in Christ—both things in heaven
and things on earth, all in Him
(Eph 1:10).

The crucifix, symbolising death and resurrection,
in an integral part of life in our common home.  

God loved the world (planet) so much that he sent
His only Son to die for the world in order to save

Even today, God still grieves for the sufferings of
poor and vulnerable people on the margins of life,
for the creatures of this world who are being
eliminated by human activity and for the
environment in various forms which is laid waste
by human selfishness.  
Light of Christ:

In the light of Christ, everything gets its
meaning, everything is illumined and
everything is appreciated for its own value.