Everything, except sin, is sacred
Fr. Martin Kumwenda
Welcome to St. Albert the Great Catholic Parish. This is one of the new Parishes raised as such by His Lordship Bishop JA Ryan on the
15th of April, 2017. It is a great Easter Gift given to the Diocese of Mzuzu especially to the Catholics around Katoto Area.

This Parish is situated in Katoto Location in the city of Mzuzu. The center is what was formerly known as St. Albert the Great Outstation
in St. Peter’s Cathedral Parish.

Brief History

When the Mzuzu was declared a Diocese, in the Bishop’s House there was built a Chapel. A few families joined the praying community
at the Bishop’s Chapel in the early 70’s. Some of the families are the Mhoni Kangawa, and Ng’oma Thukuta families. Gradually, the
community grew and then they begun to use the dining hall for Mass. Later on they shifted to what is now the Hall for the Bishop’s
Residence. It was Monsignor John Roche who asked the Christians to prepare land and work towards constructing their Church. These
people had 700 MK in their account as a community. It was that money that was given to Monsignor Roche which together with the
resources from donors, they constructed the Church that is being used now. This same Church, has been raised into a Parish Church
as St. Albert the Great Parish. Fr. Martin Daire Kumwenda has been appointed as the first Acting Parish Priest of the place. Fr. Chunda
Andrew, as the Vicar General is the one representing the Diocese in the process of laying the foundation of the Parish.
So far
All leadership has been maintained. An Acting Parish Pastoral Council has been elected in the names of
St. Albert Parish Center
1.        Mr. Clement Nyasulu 0888364463
2.        Mama Christina Chisusu 0882248298
3.        Mrs Tabu Munthali 0888323584/ 0995181964
4.        Andrew Mhone 0999890286
St. Gabriel Outstation
5.        Mr. Kavuta 0999951144
6.        Mr. Paul Beza 0884194321
St. Mary’s Outstation
7.        Mr. Ligomeka 0888358159
8.        Mr. Chirwa Bulukutu 0998930625
9.        Anastanzia Theu 0888696164
The Catechists are Mr. Nowa Mdachi Kamanga and Mr Chirwa. The Churches are
St. Albert Outstation, Katoto
St. Patrick’s Outstatio, Kaviwale
St. Marys Outstation, Nambo
St. Gabriel Outstation, Lukalazi
St. Monica Substation, Phwechi
Chitheka Outstation
Kang’oma Substation
Mazamba Substation

We are pleased to announce that meetings are taking place to set the map of the area on our vision of what the parish shall be in 20
years time to come. Our Accounts to the cause are NBS Bank (St. Albert the Great Catholic Parish account no. 17617052 for Sunday
collections and tithes and with National Bank of Malawi (St. Albert the Great Parish Projects account no. 1003454645) for development
Our Patron Saint is St. Albert the Great. He was beatified in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV. He was canonized and recognized as a doctor
of the Church in 1931, by Pope Pius IX. He is the patron saint of scientists. His feast day is November 15.
Our Motto is based on his commentary on the Gospel of Luke: WE ARE IN THE LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST – TILI MU CHITEMWA CHA
By Fr. Martin Daire Kumwenda(Acting Parish Priest)