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Nkhata bay (Banga) was opened in 1952 (17.879 acres, deed NK 98 and Cottage 3.112 acres got on 26/2/66) with the Prefect,
Monsignor Marcel St-Denis buying an estate, the brain child of the British Labour Government meant for food production for
Britain. The purchase of Banga was facilitated by Mike Leonard, the District Commissioner of Nkhata bay then and a friend of
Msgr. St-Denis from the war years.

The first thing done after the purchase of the land was to built a trade school with Brother Andrew Bisette as first principal who got
replaced in 1955 by Brother Charles Lukas. A secondary school was also opened with Fr. Marcel Girouard as Headmaster. The
first secondary school in the North had the first intake in 1954 of 42 pupils and Fr. A.B Chiasson joined the school in the same

The trade school was eventually moved to Mzuzu and it is our current Mzuzu Technical College. Frs. Girouard and Chiasson
together with students continued building the secondary school, turning a club into a chapel and electing two classrooms while
adapting other buildings to serve as offices and library. With form twos beginning, a lay teacher, Mr. Dunstan Banda joined but left
in 1958 to join politics. In 1959, the Marianists took over the school with Brother Vincent Rathbun becoming Headmaster while the
White Fathers withdrew. Brothers Thomas Brunner and Charlie Gropp started the major work for the new school buildings with
cement blocks. The Marianists withdrew in 1981 due to dwindling vocations in their home province.

Thus, the mission in Banga- Nkhata Bay was opened in 1952 by Msgr St-Denis, records have Msgr St-Denis and Fr. H. Langlade
as first occupants in Nkhata Bay and Fr. De Repentigny, first occupant at Limphasa – Banga in 1953 other than school team. The
white fathers managed pastoral activities in Nkhata Bay mission from the year of foundation to 2005 when Diocesan priests (Frs.
Felix Phiri and Cyprian Ngoma) took over. Banga – Nkhata Bay Secondary that started as a private secondary school is now a
grant aided school with Mr. Eckenward Banda as Headmaster. Apart from Frs. Felix Phiri and Cyprian Ngoma, St. Joseph has
continued being served by Diocesan Priests – Frs. Bernard Membe, Sam Ng’oma, Robert Mkandawire and currently Angels
Nkhata and Mark Mkandawire. The Parish has 4 Full Time Catechists, an Accounts Clerk and a house keeper/cook.
In 1990, the Parish had Chadongo, Kawalazi, Mpamba, Chintheche, Kande, Kasito, Thoto, Usisya, Chombe, Banga and Likoma
outstations while at present we have the following outlook:

5 zones, 33 Outstations and 66 Church Communities; a secondary school, a community day secondary school, 9 primary schools
and a hostel for the visually impaired pupils.
Fr. A. Nkhata
Fr. Mark
Schools and Catholic Teachers
Lay Marianist
Madoda gha Mtima Utuwa
Chimwemwe / Sunday School
Church Development Committe
Franciscans - 3rd Order
Fr. Mark Mkandawire
Fr. Angels Nkhata
30 Students at St. Patrick's Minor Seminary applied for
priesthood after Fr. Mark's Talk.
Read what he said to them
ST JOSEPH (Nkhata Bay): 1952
P.O. Box 49, Nkhata Bay
No of Catholics: 12,400
Out – Stations:   19
Catechumens     134
Office Phone      01 352 297

Usiska, Likoma, Chizumulu, St Joseph, Banga, Sanga, Mpamba, Nkhwali, Chilundwe, Chikwina, Chinthewere,
Kavuzi,Chidebwe, Chintheche, Kande, Kasitu,.Kamuti,Chigunda,Mkondezi