Postal address: P.O. Box 2, Mzuzu City, Malawi-Central Africa
Physical address: Off-Chimaliro Road, adjacent to St John’s hospital, St Peter’s Cathedral premise.
Youth Chaplain: Rev. Fr. Angelo Meja Nkhata dp,
Designation: Diocesan Youth Chaplain (DYP)
Phone: (+265) 993 33 11 22; 881 042 815

The Diocesan Youth Chaplain

Key Responsibilities

1.        Responsible for the spiritual needs of the youth in the diocese. i.e. deepening the faith
through catechesis, prayer, celebration of the sacraments and answering pertinent questions.

2.        Promoting integral development of the youth, i.e. social, academic, economic life of the youth.

3.        Planning and implementing diocesan youth programs i.e. need to identify the challenges in
the diocese, tackling the root causes and then coming up with solutions or the use of the results
based approach.

4.        Directing and coordinating diocesan youth activities i.e. with the planned programs,
command as a director/manager what has to be done- leading the way-shepherding- servant
leadership, activities to be done for the targeted place/group and at the right time; making sure
activities produce intended results; principle of subsidiarity to be respected i.e. not to interfere with
the lower levels, allow them to find ways of achieving the same objectives.

5.        Resource mobilization in consultation with the ordinary or other key collaborators i.e.
seeking diocesan funding, fund raising through proposals, IGAs, contributions from youths, parents
and Church community, cultivating a creative spirit; becoming self-starters so that we can mobilize

6.        Monitoring and evaluation of the implemented plans of the Universal Church, AMECEA,
National, Deanery, Parish, schools/colleges. Plan activities to check what is happening, make
yourself present in various youth activities and correcting and directing how things should be done.

7.        Ensure leadership of the group is in place at different levels. Planning elections and
handovers in line with the diocesan and national policy and that youth leaders must be active and
non-active be replaced following the constitution/procedure.

8.        Ensure training of youth leaders at all levels i.e. plan/organize/conduct training of leaders.
Training of the leaders to be done frequently because of the mobility of the youth.

9.        Ensure proper communication of youth issues with relevant offices, collaborators and
enhancing networking i.e. to the Bishop, pastoral secretary, education secretary, treasure general,
PMS Director, catechist, national office and other concerned partners. Success of youth ministry
depends on collaboration with other stakeholders at different levels. It is important to look at: where
the youth are and collaborate with the head of the institution, who is interested/targets youth
(person or institution) and collaborate with them.


       Institution                         Collaborator

1.        Diocese                    Bishop, Vicar general and pastoral secretary
Deanery                    Dean, deanery Youth chaplain
Parish                       Parish priest, Parish Youth chaplain
Outstation, SCC       Church Leaders, SCC leaders, Patron/Matron
 Family                       Parents/guardians


    Institution/Person                Collaborator
PMS                                                              PMS director
Vocation Promoters                                   Leader/Chairperson of Vocation Team
CADECOM/CCJP/Health Commissions    Diocesan coordinators/secretaries of these
Education Commission                              Education Secretary
Schools/Colleges                                        Head teachers/Patrons/matrons/university
City/District assembly/Youth offices        Heads/ Leaders in these institutions
  Other NGOs (especially faith based) those interested in Youth        Heads/Leaders of
                                                                                                                         these NGOs

Youth groups

1)        Parish Youths or Wa ukilano as popularly known.
2)        Young Christian Students (YCS)
3)        Young Christian Workers (YCW)
4)        St Igidio
5)        Catholic Students organization (CSO)
6)        National Movement of Catholic Students (NMCS)