Pump at Jailos Mhlanga brings hope to Tisinthe Irrigation group

The people of Jailos Mhlanga village have been using watering cans to irrigate their crops for as long as they lived in their community. This is anchored by the statement of village Headman Jailos Chenda Mhlanga that the community could not harvest enough for food and for sale. The communities grow maize and vegetables which are for household consumption or for sale.

Ungweru in partnership with CIFA Trust installed the solar powered irrigation pump at the village. The pump is a follow-up to a food and nutrition security project implemented from 2015 to 2017. In the first project the communities we equipped with skills and resources on food security and ways to improve nutrition.

The coming of the pump to Jailos Mhlanga has led to the formation of Tisinthe Irrigation group which grows cereals and vegetables on 1.2Hectares piece of land. This year, they expected to harvest more with the use of the pump but unfortunately the heavy rains washed away the water reserviour. The reserviour has been replaced and the pump is now operational. The community has already planted the crops and is looking forward to a bumper harvest.

“we are expecting to harvest double of what we harvest when using watering cans. Our dream is to have houses with iron sheets and also send our children to good schools” said Village Headman Chenda who is also part of the Tisinthe Irrigation group.

Last year despite the pump being installed late the group harvested Maize which was sold for MK60,000 Onions sold for MK20,000 and cabbage which was sold for MK30,000.00.

Ida Ngulube who is secretary of the group said the pump will help the women in the group to support their families and raise their children better. Ida commented when the group realized the little harvest last year and is expecting to harvest more this year.

Tisinthe Irrigation group constitute 30 members of which 22 are females and 8 are males


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